3D Technology and Implants – Dr. Andrew Spector


Advancements in Tooth Replacement and Implantology

The science of tooth replacement and dental implantology has taken great strides the last few years. Dental implants can now be used immediately or at a greatly accelerated pace in certain situations.  Dr. Spector’s advanced training in Hybridge® technology allows patients to have permanent implant supported teeth in three to five weeks!

If considering a full set permanent teeth or even just a single tooth, one must have the following before placement: a 3D cone beam scan and a proper evaluation of the support with computer diagnostics so the doctor can clinically determine if implants or immediate-use implants are right for you.

When planned properly, you can have dental implants placed in a painless, minimally invasive way that allows you to have teeth faster than ever before, even the same day.

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